Dean Fertita Announces New Project Tropical Gothclub & Shares Single

Check out the latest from the Queens Of The Stone Age/The Dead Weather multi-instrumentalist.

By Andy Kahn Aug 17, 2022 1:49 pm PDT

Dean Fertita launched a new project called Tropical Gothclub. The multi-instrumentalist member of Queens of the Stone Age and The Dead Weather will release Tropical Gothclub’s self-titled debut album on November 4 through Third Man Records.

Though he previously recorded as Hello=Fire and with his project The Waxwings, Fertita initially set out without an agenda when developing the songs that ultimately became Tropical Gothclub. The Nashville-based Fertita constructed a small A-frame studio on his property in early 2020 for a place to write and record while sidelined due to the pandemic. The demos he recorded there were then built out with Dave Feeny, an old friend and longtime Detroit-based musician who owns The Tempermill recording studio in nearby Ferndale, Michigan.

Fertita stated the following regarding the new record:

Tropical Gothclub, as a concept is futuristic nostalgia going through the seven stages of escapism, understanding the subliminal messages I’ve been sending and receiving to myself, and letting fantasy take a machete to the darkest corners of my mind. I want subculture shock and volcanic rock.

“The Tropical Gothclub songs are like concept cars. They were meant to be put into future production once they were reimagined and redesigned so everything is tightened up. Creatively things changed and my options weren’t just black and white. They were also fluorescent.

“I’m hoping the framework is in place with Tropical Gothclub that I can experiment with releasing art and music in the future without following the conventional cycles. My focus has been on other projects the last few years and really, this is no exception. But I unexpectedly found more time than I thought I had and was able to move within the space I was given, veer off course, and speed towards the cliff.”

Among the 11 new songs on Tropical Gothclub is the lead single “Wheels Within Wheels.” Stream the new track below:

Tropical Gothclub Tracklist

  1. Needles
  2. Wheels Within Wheels
  3. Captivated
  4. Where There Is Water
  5. Infernal Inside
  6. No Wonder
  7. Death Rattle
  8. Double Blind
  9. Future To Follow
  10. Thunder Towards You
  11. Uniform Looks

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