The JamBase Podcast: Dawes’ Taylor Goldsmith

Listen to an interview with the guitarist/frontman about the band's new album, 'Misadventures Of Doomscroller,' and much more.

By Team JamBase Aug 4, 2022 8:51 am PDT

Episode 135 of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media Network, features an interview with Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith. JamBase’s Andy Kahn spoke to the guitarist about the band’s new album, Misadventures Of Doomscroller, and much more.

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Back in October 2020, Kahn interviewed producer Jonathan Wilson for The JamBase Podcast, who at the time revealed he was about to start working on a new Dawes album that he described as more “jammy.” The resulting Misadventures Of Doomscroller is a seven-track (six-song) album with a 45-minute running time. Two of the tracks are over nine minutes long and another is over eight minutes long.

The band’s eighth album is quite a sonic departure for the group, who took a self-professed “maximalist” approach to the new record. Goldsmith talked about working with Wilson to achieve that goal and explained how important the producer has been to the band. Dawes recorded Misadventures Of Doomscroller at Wilson’s Laural Canyon recording studio. Goldsmith detailed Wilson’s role in the band’s early development – Wilson also produced their first two albums and 2018’s Passwords – and how he is forever grateful for the support Wilson has given the band over the years.

At one point, the interview turned to a discussion regarding music labels, and in particular the jam band label and the somewhat negative stigma associated with it. Goldsmith provided his take from a musician’s perspective about the subject of jam bands, and of music genres in general.

Goldsmith also talked about some of the other projects he’s been involved in recently, like getting recruited to perform with Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh as a member of Phil & Friends.

Goldsmith was asked about the work he has done recently with his wife, actress and musician Mandy Moore. The couple recently wrapped an emotional tour in support of Moore’s new album, In Real Life. Goldsmith described the experience of getting to watch his wife perform and relish in the response she received from her fans at her shows. They were actually supposed to be on tour when Goldsmith was interviewed, but Moore decided to scale back her schedule since she is pregnant with their second child.

The interview also touched on Goldsmith’s collaboration last year with Goose (the interview occurred before they performed together again at Newport Folk Festival), as well as Dawes' upcoming tour with Bahamas and much more.

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