David Gilmour Previews ‘Live At Pompeii’ Film & Shares ‘Rattle That Lock’ Audio


David Gilmour has shared a pair of previews of his upcoming CD/DVD release David Gilmour: Live At Pompeii. The Pink Floyd guitarist posted audio of his performance of “Rattle That Lock” as well as another trailer of the concert film that will be shown in movie theaters worldwide for a one-night-only screening later this year.

Gilmour held two concerts in July 2016 at Pompeii Amphitheatre in Italy, the same venue he and Pink Floyd recorded the legendary Pink Floyd: Live At Pompeii film 45 years prior. Last summer’s crowds of 2,600 were the first to attend a rock concert at the historic Roman Amphitheatre. David Gilmour: Live At Pompeii showcases highlights of both performances, such as Pink Floyd favorites “Wish You Were Here,” “Comfortably Numb” and “One Of These Days,” along with the Dark Side Of The Moon classic “Great Gig In The Sky,” which had not been performed live by Gilmour in a decade. The shows also saw songs from Gilmour’s 2015 solo album Rattle That Lock and 2006 solo LP On An Island.

Gavin Elder directed the 148-minute concert film, which he shot in 4K. The DVD/Blu-Ray package comes with an extra seven-minute companion documentary from the director entitled Pompeii Then And Now. The Deluxe Blu-Ray box set features an additional 207 minutes of extra footage made up of 11 live performances and five documentaries.

David Gilmour: Live At Pompeii will be screened in more than 2,000 theaters around the world on September 13, participating cinemas are listed here. Watch a preview of the concert film and stream audio of “Rattle That Lock” below: