Dave Matthews Band Debuts Song On Letterman Webcast

After five years and dozens of performances the Live On Letterman webcast series, which was rebranded Legends On Letterman for the final two installments, came to a close last night with a set from Dave Matthews Band. Matthews and his group offered a career-spanning, 10-song set that included the debut of a new song -“Black And Bluebird.”

DMB took the stage at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City twice on Thursday. First, they performed a song that will air on tonight’s episode of the Late Show With David Letterman during the afternoon. Then, the venue was cleared and re-set for the hour-long Legends On Letterman set. Matthews mentioned how honored the band was to visit Letterman one more time and to close out the webcast series before the group reeled off “Seven,” “Stay Or Leave” and “Belly Belly Nice” to start the set. DMB was in fine form throughout the set which was their first U.S. performance of 2015 ahead of the start of Summer Tour on May 13 in Austin.

Toward the end of the set Matthews advised “we’ve been working on some new music, but I’m not going to play it for you” before adding “maybe if you ask nicely.” However he then began “You & Me,” though next up was the debut of a song dubbed “Black And Bluebird.” The debut was followed by “Grey Street.” After a brief break, DMB returned to encore with “Granny.” Video of the set should be posted on CBS.com soon. In the meantime a portion of the performance has surfaced on YouTube with “Black And Bluebird” starting at the 11:05 mark:


Set: Seven, Stay Or Leave, Belly Belly Nice, Don’t Drink The Water > Digging A Ditch, Satellite, You & Me, Black & Bluebird, Grey Street

Encore: Granny