Cover Alert | Norah Jones And Billie Joe Armstrong Tackle Everlys

Let’s file this one under the “No One Saw This Coming In A Million Years” category, but on November 25 the out-of-left-field combo of Norah Jones and Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong will release Foreverly, a song for song remake of The Everly Brothers classic Songs Our Daddy Taught Us LP. Originally released in 1958, the twelve-track record features Don and Phil covering both traditional folk songs, mountain ballads and country tunes, creating what could arguably considered one of the first roots-rock records.

While the pairing of these two disparate artists looks like the quite the head-scratcher on paper, we were more than pleasantly surprised upon our first listen to the record’s lead single. Judging by the advance taste of the record, which surfaced yesterday, the duo have a fantastic vocal chemistry together, with Jones’ smoky country-twang blending effortlessly with Armstrong’s rock-a-billy influenced baritone. Give a listen to the duo’s take on “Long Time Gone”:

For the full story on just how this collaboration came to be, head over to Stereogum for an exclusive interview with Ms. Jones and Mr. Armstrong.

Written By: Jeffrey Greenblatt