Courtney Marie Andrews Releases New Album ‘Old Flowers’

By Andy Kahn Jul 24, 2020 6:37 am PDT

Courtney Marie Andrews released her new album, Old Flowers, on Fat Possum Records. The singer-songwriter’s last full-length was 2018’s May Your Kindness Remain.

The 10-track LP was produced by Andrew Sarlo and features contributions from multi-instrumentalist Matthew Davidson (of Twain) and Big Thief percussionist James Krivchenia. Sarlo stated the following regarding the recording process:

Before we got to the studio, we agreed to prioritize making this record as cathartic and minimal as possible — focusing on Courtney’s voice and her intention behind the songs. Because of this, the record is all about performance. I believe a great recording is the chemistry between everything during basics and the ability to feel something happening instead of obsessing over the perfect take. Courtney embraced this approach and we ended up with a raw, natural and human record.

The end of a long-term relationship influenced the songs that Andrews wrote and recorded on Old Flowers. She described the experience, stating:

Old Flowers is about heartbreak. There are a million records and songs about that, but I did not lie when writing these songs. This album is about loving and caring for the person you know you can’t be with. It’s about being afraid to be vulnerable after you’ve been hurt. It’s about a woman who is alone, but okay with that, if it means truth. This was my truth this year — my nine-year relationship ended and I’m a woman alone in the world, but happy to know herself.

Andrews previewed Old Flowers with the singles “If I Told,” “Burlap String,” “It Must Be Someone Else’s Fault” and “How You Get Hurt.” Listen to the entire album below:

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