JamBase Collectors Corner: Vol 001


Welcome to the very first installment of the JamBase Collectors Corner, bringing you some of the coolest music memorabilia I’ve found this week, from modern rock posters to vintage handbills, old LPs to the latest collector’s editions, and so much more.

Now, if you’re anything like me you’ve spent the last few months hawking Dry Goods and dropping unnecessary coin on band merch since you’re not spending much on concert tickets. Sorry to say, this post probably won’t help you put an end to that.

The good news is, at least some of this merch is likely to appreciate in value, and even if not, hopefully you’re only buying stuff that gives you joy.

Please note: JamBase may collect a share of sales from the links on this page if you decide to scoop.

The Goods
My Top Pick This Week

Let’s not beat around the bush, here’s my #1 music memorabilia ISO this week.

Tom Petty Wildflowers & All The Rest 9 LP Ultra Deluxe Edition 

Tom Petty is still sorely missed around the JamBase HQ, but the ultra deluxe edition of Wildflowers & All The Rest includes more than enough music to keep the memory alive, plus a whole slew of unique extras.

For starters you get nine LPs including 70 tracks with nine unreleased songs and 34 unreleased versions along with a 14-song live album all packaged in a hardbound portfolio inside a fabric bag with custom metal Wildflowers closure designed and manufactured by Made Worn in Los Angeles.

You’ll also get a hardbound 60-page booklet, a lithograph, a replica program from the 1995 Dogs With Wings Tour, a Wildflowers logo cloth patch, a Wildflowers logo laminated sticker, a reproduction of four song lyrics in Tom’s handwriting, a 7” single of “You Don’t Know How It Feels” and “Girl on LSD,” a handmade bead necklace, a lyric book with the 25 Wildflowers songs and All The Rest illustrated by Blaze Ben Brooks, and finally, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

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Pack of Wraps
My Favorite Paper This Week

Posters, handbills, programs, photos… if it’s printed on paper you’ll find it here.

1973 David Bowie Ziggy Stardust U.K. Tour Program 

This program from Bowie’s 1973 UK Tour features the quintessential Ziggy Stardust headshot on the front and is packed with killer photos and more on the inside.

Originally owned by Terrence Ruffle, this copy of the program is listed in “like new” condition.

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1976 Sex Pistols Nashville Gig Flyer 

Straight from the office of former Thin Lizzy manager Ted Carroll, this 1976 Sex Pistols poster advertising the April 29th Pistols gig at The Nashville Room on North End Road has all the hallmarks of classic punk rock art.

Printed on A4 paper the flyer features two black and white photos and a stunning range of type and text suitable for a ransom note.

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Dry Clean Only
The Finest Apparel This Week

If you’re trying to choose between a T-shirt and a car payment, this is the stuff for you.

1992 Nirvana Nevermind T-Shirt 

This short-sleeve size XL Nevermind Giant Tee from 1992 may be faded, but it’s got no holes, clean armpits, and features one of the most iconic album covers of all time, Nirvana’s Nevermind.

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1993 Nirvana In Utero T-Shirt 

As with the Nevermind shirt above, this Giant Tee’s In Utero shirt from 1993 has also seen better days and could certainly use a steam. But hey, where else can you get a Nirvana shirt for over $400?

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Art To Which None Compare
Primo Phish Merch This Week

You know the deal. Rare Pollocks and other “dry goods” of note.

1999 Phish Gorge Jim Pollock Poster 

I wasn’t at the Gorge in 1999, but chances are if I were I probably still wouldn’t have had the presence of mind to grab this delightful piece.

The third in a series of five 1999 Phish Pollock show prints, this poster is a very limited edition of just 500 prints and originally cost $35 at Phish’s two-night stand at the incredibly picturesque Gorge Amphitheatre.

Pollock’s Gorge print is a two-color linocut block in orange and green, with a darker green achieved by layering the two colors during printing.

This one appears to have some seriously thick ink and is in overall pretty sharp condition. Catch is, it’s already bid up to two grand.

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2003 Phish Gorge Scott Campbell Poster, Framed 

It was raining on July 12th at the Gorge in 2003, and there were no tubes at the merch booth, so plenty of Campbell Gorge posters went from mint to moist on that fine night.

This specimen seems to have survived though, and is now available to you framed and matted for the cool-cool price of just $2,450.00.

There are plenty of watchers for this “buy it now” listing but still no takers. It’s unclear if that’s because the price is just too high … or because the seller put all of the pictures upside down 😉

Either way, cool print and not an easy scoop.

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1996 Jim Pollock “Horse” Block Print from Clifford Ball 

There was plenty of fun to be had at Phish’s 1996 Clifford Ball festival, including the chance to watch Jim Pollock crank out linoleum block prints right there on the festival grounds.

And if you were smart, and actually bought some of these prints, instead of being distracted by the wedding that was happening just a few feet away like yours truly, you might already be the owner of this thick-inked three-color Horse print that’s up on the Bay.

But if you weren’t smart, or weren’t at the Ball, or failed to score one of the Big Top prints Jim sold in 2000, now is your chance to own a bonafide piece of Phish / Pollock history. Oh, and if your name happens to be Leroy, good news … it’s already personalized just for you.

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Collectibles for a Cause
Top Fundraisers This Week

Put your purchasing power to work with these items that raise money for charity.

Jinxx’s Stage Played Electric Violin From Black Veil Brides “Resurrection Tour” 2018 

It’s not every rock band that has a violin player on the roster, but Cincinnati natives Black Veil Brides have Jinxx and there’s no doubt he can play the violin.

Now, you too can play Jinxx’s violin. All you need to do is outbid the nearly 50 other people angling to grab this stage-used violin from the 2018 Resurrection Tour — a Cecilio electric that comes with the bow and case, and is signed on the back by Jinxx himself.

Bonus too is that all the proceeds from the sale are being donated to the WHO Foundation pandemic response so it’s all for a real good cause.

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RUSH “Anatomy of a Drum Solo” Poster Signed by Neil Peart 

Hudson Music’s Rob Wallis was kind enough to donate this signed “Anatomy of a Drum Solo” poster to the Peart Family, who have put it on the auction block to raise funds for social assistance organization Overtime Angels.

The poster (20” x 28” on heavy poster stock) was originally released in commemoration of Neil’s Anatomy of a Drum Solo instructional DVD and features a picture of Neil upon his throne, his arm raised triumphantly behind a Drum Workshop fortress.

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Sharpie Snipers
Best Signatures This Week

Are they real? Or are they autopen? We’ll let you be the judge here.

1970 Allman Brothers Band Checks Signed by Duane Allman and Berry Oakley 

Duane Allman was many things, but he was most definitely not a guy who was going to miss his April 1970 Winnebago payment. And you know the bass player is holding it down when he’s signing checks for Domestic Air Express.

With this auction from Heritage Auctions you can score two authenticated checks from the “The Allman Bros. Band / General Account” signed by Duane and Berry and cashed in 1970.

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The Beat Box
All Beatles, All the Time

Just like steak, Beatles merch is best served just a little bit on the rare side.

1962 “My Bonnie” Pink Label Decca Records Promo 45 

If you’re looking for early Beatles records you can’t do much better than this, the pink label issue of My Bonnie / The Saints is the very first record the band appeared on in the United States.

It’s such an early record that The Beatles aren’t even billed as The Beatles, but as “The Beat Brothers,” which was assumed to be more marketable. And, they’re not even at the top of the bill, instead acting as a backing band for Tony Sheridan, a popular singer of the time in the style of Elvis.

This example is a very nice specimen, and includes the generic “Decca” sleeve that was issued with the record’s original release.

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Original Set of 1963/64 Beatles Cork Stoppers 

Here’s one for the vino-drinking Beatles fanatic, a set of Beatles cork stoppers produced by Achatit in Germany in 1963/64. Each member has their own stopper featuring a small bust wearing signature white collars engraved with their respective names.

As you can expect these aren’t in perfect shape. Most of the band members have missing cork and some missing paint here and there, although you do get an unfinished Ringo as an added fifth stopper that has a complete cork in case you actually want to try and use it. Cheers.

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Hope you enjoyed this first installment of the JamBase Collectors Corner. If you have any feedback and be sure to let us know and be sure to drop a line if you see any merch you think should be featured next time.

Thanks for reading, and always remember, it’s only worth what someone will give you for it!