Members Of Circles Around The Sun & Benny ‘Burle’ Galloway Join Greensky Bluegrass In Atlanta


Greensky Bluegrass brought out members of Circles Around the Sun during their second set on Saturday night at The Tabernacle in Atlanta. The headliners also welcomed guitarist Benny “Burle” Galloway to the TAB stage for a first set collaboration.

Saturday’s show in Atlanta was the last of run that featured Circles Around The Sun opening for Greensky. Guitarist Neal Casal was brought out in the middle of the second set to sit-in with GSBG on Ryan Adams’ “Let It Ride.” A couple of songs later the band left the stage while equipment problems were fixed. When they came back a few minutes later, GSBG dobro player switched mid-song to Casal’s electric guitar during a rendition of “Worried About The Weather.” Casal and his CATS/Chris Robinson Brotherhood band mate, keyboardist Adam MacDougall, were also on stage at the end of the second set for “I’d Probably Kill You” and a cover of the Grateful Dead’s “Eyes Of The World.”

Galloway’s guest spot came near the middle of the first set when he led a performance of his “How Far I’d Fall.” Tour manager Guido Batista also joined Greensky Bluegrass at the TAB, adding his usual vibraslaps to the second set opening “What You Need.” Footage from the concert captured by Steven J. Ziegler can be viewed via the pair of videos below:

Set One

Set Two

Setlist (via Camp Greensky)

Set One: Before Bring Out Your Dead > Bring Out Your Dead, Room Without A Roof, Run Or Die, Ashes, Stop That Train, How Far I’d Fall (1), Demon (2), Wish I Didn’t Know > It’s Not Mine Anymore

Set Two: What You Need (3), Better Off, Take Cover (4)(5)(6)(7), Let It Ride (8), Just to Lie (9) > Wings for Wheels, Jaywalking, Worried About the Weather (10) (11), I’d Probably Kill You (12), Eyes of the World (12)

Encore: Bone Digger (13)(14)(15)


  • (1) – w/ Benny “Burle” Galloway
  • (2) – Molly Groat and Christian Schaumann lyric
  • (3) – w/ Guido Batista (vibraslap)
  • (4) – Contact tease
  • (5) – Simpson secret language tease
  • (6) – Baby elephant walk tease
  • (7) – Happy Birthday tease
  • (8) – w/ Neal Casal (guitar)
  • (9) – Kerosene tease
  • (10) – Leap Year tease
  • (11) – Anders on electric guitar
  • (12) – w/ Neal Casal (guitar) & Adam MacDougall (keyboards)
  • (13) – Working on a Building tease
  • (14) – Death Trip teases
  • (15) – Smells Like Teen Spirit tease

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