Chris Thile Shares ‘Dionysus’ Single

By Nate Todd May 5, 2021 9:48 am PDT

Chris Thile shared a new single, “Dionysus.” The song will appear on the renowned mandolinist and singer-songwriter’s upcoming solo album, Laysongs, arriving on June 4 via Nonesuch Records.

Thile announced Laysongs — which features just Thile, his mandolin and his voice — in early April and shared the title track. Laysongs sees Thile, who grew up in a Christian household, exploring spirituality and the album itself was recorded in an upstate New York church.

The latest track, “Dionysus,” interestingly, is named after the Greek god of wine and revelry but also madness and religious ecstasy. Of the latter, Thile spoke about missing the connection of singing in church in a press release for Laysongs.

“I was more than ever before craving that thing—singing with people, making music with people, but particularly that very selfless kind of music making that happens in church,” Thile said. “At best you aren’t thinking about yourself or even about the people you’re making music with. You’re all just doing it together and it’s about something else. It’s really beautiful. And it’s maybe the only thing about organized religion that I miss.”

Listen to “Dionysus” below:

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