Chris Kuroda Talks Phish On ‘Inside Out With Turner & Seth’ Podcast

By Scott Bernstein Oct 13, 2016 12:27 pm PDT

This past summer Phish made the biggest change to their lighting rig since 1995, when they started to incorporate video into their production. Phish LD Chris Kuroda now triggers video clips on a series of LED panels both behind the band and 22 feet above them. Kuroda spoke about what led to the change, the team that helped him prep the videos, how he now runs the rig and many other topics in a new interview on the latest installment of Inside Out With Turner and Seth.

Inside Out With Turner and Seth is a podcast hosted by Seth Weiner and Rob Turner out of Atlanta. Past installments of the podcast have featured Keller Williams, Sam Bush, Simon Allen and many others. Here’s the rundown on the Kuroda episode:

This episode features Rob and Seth backstage at Lockn’ chatting with Chris Kuroda, one of the leading Lighting Designers in the music industry most well-known for his long-time work (nearly 30 years) brilliantly scheming and executing the visual presentation of the band Phish. They discuss how adding video elements to the band’s already-elite light show presented many challenges and much inspiration to Kuroda. He talks about how he worked with other industry veterans, particularly Abigail Holmes (Roger Waters, The Cure, Talking Heads) to find the best ways to ease the video elements into the presentation to find the appropriate “vibe” design-wise and how his approach to execution is currently evolving greatly. Kuroda also explains why white is “his 11,” and discusses how his relationship with Madison Square Garden has spilled over into the sports world, and how this may positively impact future Phish MSG performances.

Stream the Chris Kuroda episode or below or check it out through Stitcher or iTunes (the chat with Kuroda starts at the 26-minute mark):

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