Bruce Springsteen Helps David Letterman Say Farewell To ‘Late Night’ On This Date In 1993


On June 25, 1993 David Letterman ended an 11-year run as host of NBC’s Late Night. He would soon go on to start an even longer term as host of The Late Show on CBS. Letterman’s final musical guest on Late Night was a man who had evaded appearing on the show before the last night, Bruce Springsteen.

Springsteen teamed with Letterman’s house band, Paul Shaffer & The World’s Most Dangerous Band, for an energetic performance of “Glory Days.” Bruce started out a little tentative but revved up the energy as he led the take on his 1985 hit single off Born In The U.S.A. A memorable moment came near the end of “Glory Days,” when The Boss jumped on Shaffer’s keyboard rig. After the performance Letterman noted, “If I had known that I would’ve gotten on the piano years ago!” Dave was effusive in his praise for Bruce, thanking him over and over again.

Watch Bruce’s performance of “Glory Days” and the final 14 minutes of David Letterman’s term as host of Late Night: