Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers Share New Single Featuring Mavis Staples

 Photo by Michael Martin


Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers will release a new studio album entitled Rehab Reunion through 429 Records on June 17. The group recently shared “Celestial Railroad,” the latest single from the LP which features famed vocalist Mavis Staples.

The piano-less 10-song set was produced by Hornsby (who wrote and performed exclusively on the dulcimer) and recorded in his Tossington Sound studio in Williamsburg, Virginia. Backed by a Noisemakers lineup composed of organist J.T. Thomas, bassist J.V. Collier, drummer Sonny Emory, guitarist Gibb Droll and mandolin/fiddle player Ross Holmes, the new LP also includes a guest contribution by Justin Vernon.

Hornsby wrote “Celestial Railroad” in the ’90s for the Staples Singers but the group never recorded it notes the Wall Street Journal. Bruce went to Chicago to assist Mavis in laying down her vocal contribution to the song. “[We] mostly spent the time having laugh after laugh,” Hornsby told the Wall Street Journal. “I gave her very little direction. She really didn’t need it.”

Listen to “Celestial Railroad” which premiered via the Wall Street Journal:

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