BottleRock Napa 2.0 Set For May 30 – June 1

Last week we told you about the Napa Valley Expo board approving the return of BottleRock to the venue. While promoters of last year’s inaugural fest wound up with a mountain of unpaid debt, a new group of local investors have taken over the event and today have announced BottleRock 2.0 will take place from May 30 to June 1 in California’s Wine Country.

According to SFWeekly the new promoters are “subtly, but firmly emphasizing their differences, calling this year’s event BottleRock 2.0. The press release today says that investor group Lattitude 38 simply ‘has purchased the BottleRock name,’ and repeatedly emphasizes the clean break with last year’s promoters.” While the inaugural event lasted five days, this year’s festival is set for just three days.

The lineup and ticketing details for BottleRock 2.0 are expected to be announced in late February or early March. Those who purchased tickets for the 2014 event from the old promoters will be happy to know their ducats will be honored by the new team.

[via SFWeekly]