Bone Diggers Welcome Elliott Peck & Nat Keefe At Terrapin Crossroads


Paul Simon tribute supergroup Bone Diggers delivered a socially distanced concert from Terrapin Crossroads’ Beach Park on Saturday. The band welcomed Midnight North vocalist Elliott Peck and Hot Buttered Rum guitarist Nat Keefe.

Bone Diggers is bassist Reed Mathis, guitarist Lebo (Dan Lebowitz), drummer Scott Rager and normally keyboardist Danny Eisenberg but Mookie Siegel filled in Saturday afternnon at Terrapin. Lebo led the band through “Mother And Child Reunion” to kick off the set followed by Mathis at the mic for “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover.”

The band then welcomed Peck — who would stay on for most of the set — for the Simon & Garfunkel classic “The Boxer,” which featured Elliott and Reed on vocals. Lebo once again led the way on “Under African Skies” before Peck, Mathis and Lebo teamed up on another iconic Simon & Garfunkel tune, a gospel-tinged “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Elliott would take a brief break while Mathis stepped to the mic for “Kodachrome” ahead of the penultimate song of the show, “Slip Slidin’ Away,” with Elliott returning to duet with Dan. Nat Keefe — who was hanging at Golden Gate Park with his kids earlier in the afternoon before getting the call from Lebo — would emerge to sing and play acoustic guitar on “Graceland.” The performance saw Siegel filling in some nice synthesized accordion touches on the Simon classic to close out the concert.

Watch video from the show below via Deadheadland:

Mother And Child Reunion

Bridge Over Troubled Water


Setlist (via Deadheadland)

Set: Mother And Child Reunion, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, The Boxer [1], Under African Skies [1], Love Me Like a Rock [1], Bridge Over Troubled Water [1], Kodachrome, Slip Slidin’ Away [1], Graceland [2]


[1] Elliott Peck on vocals

[2] Nat Keefe on guitar and vocals

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