Bob Marley & The Wailers Live Release From 1978 Coming Soon

Universal Music Group and reggae singer Bob Marley’s family have big plans to celebrate what would’ve been the icon’s 70th birthday in 2015 according to Rolling Stone. The Marley Family has given UMG “access to its extensive and private vaults of previously unreleased music to make for stocked reissues, video releases and new live albums” as per Rolling Stone. Up first is a previously-unreleased live CD/DVD/Blu-Ray called Easy Skanking In Boston ’78, due out on February 10.

Easy Skanking In Boston ’78 features a Bob Marley & The Wailers performance from June 8, 1978 at the Boston Music Hall. Rolling Stone notes that Marley and his band played two shows that day at the venue and as for now it’s not clear which of the shows will be released. What’s particularly interesting is that the video portion of the release comes from a fan. Bob gave the fan permission to film the show using a handheld camera from just in front of the stage. Said fan had to switch out rolls of film during Marley’s performance, so UMG enlisted S77 and Matt Reed to create animated footage that will be inserted in where video gaps exist.

While there’s no tracklist yet, here’s the setlist Bob Marley & The Wailers used at both Boston performances on June 8, 1978: