Billy Strings & Alex Hargreaves Close Madison Run

See Billy, Alex and the band on a nearly 20-minute “Meet Me At The Creek.”

By Nate Todd Mar 6, 2022 11:35 am PST

Billy Strings closed out his three-night run at The Sylvee in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday. As was the case on Thursday and Friday, the guitarist and his band were once again joined by fiddler Alex Hargreaves for the complete concert.

  • Billy Strings Welcomes Alex Hargreaves In Madison

    Billy Strings Welcomes Alex Hargreaves In Madison 

  • Billy Strings Welcomes Alex Hargreaves & Plays 7-Song Encore In Madison

    Billy Strings Welcomes Alex Hargreaves & Plays 7-Song Encore In Madison 

Billy and company — mandolinist Jarrod Walker, bassist Royal Masat and banjo player Billy Failing along with Hargreaves — got the show underway with a pairing of “Taking Water” and “Ice Bridges,” the latter off Strings’ Grammy-nominated 2021 album Renewal. A cover of The Stanley Brothers’ “Rank Stranger” followed ahead of originals “Wargasm” and “Long Forgotten Dream.”


Billy then delivered the Grateful Dead covered John Phillips tune “Me & My Uncle” followed by Bill Monroe’s “A Good Woman’s Love.” A coupling of the instrumental “Thirst Mutilator” off Billy’s 2016 self-titled debut EP and Renewal’s “Everything’s The Same” proceeded another cut form Strings latest album, “Nothing’s Working.” Tony Rice’s “Tipper” counted as the penultimate song of the first frame ahead of Billy’s composition to the Robert Hunter lyric “Thunder” to cap off the set.

“Red Daisy” launched the second set ahead of Chris Henry’s “West Dakota Rose.” “This Old World” then prefaced a cover of “Ole Slew Foot” which led into the traditional “Dusty Miller.” “Watch It Fall” came next before Billy returned to The Stanley Brothers catalog with “A Robin Built A Nest On Daddy’s Grave.”

A tune from banjo player and singer-songwriter Danny Barnes’ repertoire, “Pretty Daughter,” followed ahead of a pairing of Doc Watson’s “My Love Come Rolling Down” and a nearly 20-minute “Meet Me At The Creek” to close out the second set. Billy Strings and company returned to encore with the trad “John Hardy” to wrap up the three-night Wisconsin run.

Watch audience-shot video of “Meet Me At The Creek” below:

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Setlist (via BillyBase)

Set One: Taking Water > Ice Bridges, Rank Stranger, Wargasm, Long Forgotten Dream, Me & My Uncle, Good Woman’s Love, Thirst Mutilator > Everything’s the Same, Nothing’s Working, Tipper, Thunder

Set Two: Red Daisy, West Dakota Rose, This Old World, Ol’ Slewfoot > Dusty Miller, Watch It Fall, A Robin Built a Nest on Daddy’s Grave, Pretty Daughter, She Makes My Love Come Rolling Down > Meet Me at the Creek

Encore: John Hardy


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