Audrye Sessions
Friday April 13, Ryan Karazija, lead singer/guitarist of Oakland’s Audrye Sessions, was mugged by an unidentified crackhead just outside the Mezzanine in San Francisco. He was last seen inside the venue enjoying a lovely set by Minipop (as he did earlier in the night during Poor Bailey, Maldroid and Love Like Fire). On his way to meet a friend down the street Ryan was ambushed from behind and hit in the back of the head with a dirty pipe. Ryan was then kicked in the face and had his jacket ripped off his back. Ryan started to stir, so the guy gave him a few more boots to the face.

Ryan was found unconscious in a pool of blood by a passerby (thank you so much whoever you are) who promptly called 911. Shortly after an ambulance arrived and rushed Ryan to the St. Francis hospital. He regained consciousness during the drive. He was rushed to the Critical Care Unit and remained there for two nights and two days. He suffered a fractured skull, broken nose, three missing teeth and a real good shiner.

Now Ryan is resting at home. He is slowly on his way down the path toward recovery. He is still pretty beat up. Unfortunately we are unable to show a picture because we are afraid it will be too unbearable for anyone to see the damage that has been done to his cute little face. Anyway, Ryan shall return shortly. Audrye Sessions will not be able to perform as scheduled on Friday, April 20 at The Independent due to these circumstances. In an effort to create awareness and raise some money to help cover Ryan’s hospital the show will go on with his spirit.

We’d like to thank everyone that has been sending Ryan support and love since his tragic event. Thanks to all the local bands we love so much, Live 105, Mikey Likes It!, Another Planet Entertainment, The Independent and all of our loving fans.

Seriously though, what happened to Ryan is extremely unfortunate and should not be happening. He could easily have died that night if someone hadn’t found him. He was fortunate enough to survive and now he needs our help.

This Friday April 20 there will be a benefit show for Ryan at The Independent in San Francisco featuring Trainwreck Riders, Pinebox Boys, Poor Bailey and The Jitters.

$12 cover
8:30 p.m. Doors
Show @ 9:00 p.m.