Aqueous Kicks Off ‘Live At The Drive’ Series With 3 Concerts In Lockport


Buffalo’s Aqueous returned to the stage this past weekend for three sold-out shows at the Transit Drive-In in Lockport, New York. The concerts marked the launch of the Live At The Drive concert series, as artists and promoters continue to get creative during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Aqueous kicked off the run on Friday with a set bookended by “Below The Funk,” which was last played by the band on December 7, 2018 — a span of 100 shows. The Rick James tune was the only cover performed over the course of opening night. Saturday’s concert included the debut of new original “Bring Me Down,” a one-song second set featuring a rendition of “Half In Half Out” chock full of teases and their first cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Freedom” since 2011.


The four-piece showed their appreciation during Sunday’s finale. Aqueous left a loop going out of “Willy Is 40” in the second set and took the opportunity to ride around on golf carts thanking fans. A brief run through Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” prompted by drummer Rob Houk opened the encore on Sunday before AQ said farewell with “Complex Pt. 1” and the end of a “Second Sight” they started earlier in the evening.

Watch fan-shot video of the one-song set captured by Zak Radick below:



Friday, June 19

Set One: Below the Funk¹ > They’re Calling For Ya > Numbers and Facts, Little Something to Me, Strange Times ² > Burn it Down ² > Below the Funk

Set Two: Mind Games, Say it Again ³ > Complex Pt. 2, Realize Your Light

Encore: What’s The Connection? ⁴

  • 1 Rick James cover
  • 2 Unfinished
  • 3 G’z and Hustlaz (Snoop Dogg) tease
  • 4 Birds of a Feather (Phish) tease

Saturday, June 20

Set One: Staring into the Sun ¹, Good Days, Split the Difference ² ³ > Underlyer, Bring Me Down ⁴

Set Two: Half In Half Out ⁵ ⁶ ⁷ ⁸ ⁹ ¹⁰ ¹¹ *

Encore: Freedom ¹¹

  • 1 w/ ending
  • 2 Wedge tease (Phish)
  • 3 So Fresh So Clean (Outkast) tease
  • 4 Original – Debut
  • 5 20/20 tease
  • 6 Below the Funk (Rick James) tease
  • 7 Sample in a Jar (Phish) tease
  • 8 YYZ (Rush) tease
  • 9 Echoes (Pink Floyd) tease
  • 10 Californication (Red Hot Chili Peppers) tease
  • 11 Jimi Hendrix Cover

* One song set

Sunday, June 21

Set One: Dig It Good, Josie¹ >Second Sight² > Good Enough, The Median

Set Two: Can You Get Me There?, Willy is 40 >Loop Jam* >Kitty Chaser

Encore: Freebird³, Complex Pt. I> Second Sight⁴

  • 1 Steely Dan
  • 2 Unfinished
  • 3 Partially played (as a joke), mostly acapella from Rob
  • 4 Ending

*Band set loops on their instruments and proceeded to drive through the audience on golf carts thanking fans