‘American Pickers’ Returns Aerosmith’s Early Van To Band


History Channel’s American Pickers made a landmark discovery when hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz found Aerosmith‘s pre-fame touring van last season. At the time, the show had Aerosmith founding member Ray Tabano come out to confirm the authenticity of the vehicle, which had been rusting in the woods on a rural lot in Massachusetts. Now, Wolfe and Fritz have restored the old bus to its former glory and returned the car to the iconic rock act.

During a new episode that aired on July 8, American Pickers welcomes Aerosmith, who check out the bus following its much-needed restoration. For the reunion, the hosts bring the vehicle to Las Vegas, where the band was performing their Deuces Are Wild residency. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Joey Kramer and Tom Hamilton are all in attendance for the car’s unveiling, with the five musicians clearly delighting in their reunion with the nostalgia-inducing automobile.

Watch a clip of Aerosmith’s reunion with their early tour bus below, courtesy of the History Channel:

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