Yonder Mountain String Band at Higher Ground (Ballroom)



  • Yonder Mountain String Band


    Set 1
    • Fine Excuses
    • My Walking Shoes  
    • It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry  
    • Another Day
    • Elzic's Farewell  
    • Not Far Away
    • Little Lover
    • Lay It on the Line
    • Ain't No Way of Knowing
    • Dreams
    • Fastball
    • Mother's Only Son
    • East Nashville Easter
    Set 2
    • Traffic Jam
    • They Love Each Other  
    • High on a Hilltop
    • Left Me in a Hole
    • Old Plank Road  
    • Straight Line
    • Kentucky Mandolin  
    • Polka on a Banjo  
    • My Gal  
    • Years With Rose  
    • New Horizons
    • Come Together  
    • New Horizons
    • Blue Collar Blues  
    • Two Hits and the Joint Turned Brown  


Map for Higher Ground (Ballroom)

Higher Ground (Ballroom)

  • 1214 Williston Road
  • Burlington, VT 05401
  • United States

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