Wilco Shares Previously Unreleased ‘A.M.’ Outtake ‘Myrna Lee’


Rhino Records will issue deluxe editions of Wilco’s first two albums, 1995’s A.M. and 1996’s Being There, on December 1. Paste has shared a previously unreleased outtake from the A.M. sessions that included as a bonus track on the upcoming expanded release.

One of eight bonus tracks added to the A.M. deluxe edition, the previously unheard “Myrna Lee” which was written by co-founding bassist John Stirratt. The recording never made it to an official Wilco release, but Stirratt’s twin sister Laurie Stirratt recorded the song with her band Blue Mountain for their 1997 Homegrown album.

Along with A.M., the deluxe edition of the Being There double album comes with an extra disc completely made up of outtakes, alternate versions of tracks and demos. The Being There reissue also includes a live Wilco recording from the Troubadour in Los Angeles on November 12, 1996 and a short radio session held on November 13, 1996 at KCRW in Santa Monica.

Give a listen to “Myrna Lee” via Paste below:

A.M. Deluxe Edition Tracklist

  1. I Must Be High
  2. Casino Queen
  3. Box Full Of Letters
  4. Shouldn’t Be Ashamed
  5. Pick Up The Change
  6. I Thought I Held You
  7. That’s Not The Issue
  8. It’s Just That Simple
  9. Should’ve Been In Love
  10. Passenger Side
  11. Dash 7
  12. Blue Eyed Soul
  13. Too Far Apart
  14. Bonus Tracks

  15. When You Find Trouble – Uncle Tupelo
  16. Those I’ll Provide
  17. Lost Love – Golden Smog (Take 1 Vocal 2)
  18. Myrna Lee
  19. She Don’t Have To See You – Golden Smog
  20. Outtasite (Outta Mind) – Early Version (Take 6)
  21. Piss It Away
  22. Hesitation Rocks

Being There Deluxe Edition Tracklist

Disc One: Original Album

  1. Misunderstood
  2. Far, Far Away
  3. Monday
  4. Outtasite (Outta Mind)
  5. Forget The Flowers
  6. Red-Eyed And Blue
  7. I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
  8. What’s The World Got In Store
  9. Hotel Arizona
  10. Say You Miss Me

Disc Two: Original Album

  1. Sunken Treasure
  2. Someday Soon
  3. Outta Mind (Outta Sight)
  4. Someone Else’s Song
  5. Kingpin
  6. (Was I) In Your Dreams
  7. Why Would You Wanna Live
  8. The Lonely 1
  9. Dreamer In My Dreams

Disc Three: Outtakes/Alternates/Demos

  1. Late Blooming Son
  2. I Got You – Dobro Mix Warzone
  3. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind – Alternate
  4. Far Far Away (Dark Side Of The Room)
  5. Dynamite My Soul
  6. Losing Interest
  7. Why Would You Wanna Live – Alternate
  8. Sun’s A Star
  9. Capitol City
  10. Better When I’m Gone
  11. Dreamer In My Dreams – Alternate Rough Take
  12. Say You Miss Me – Alternate
  13. I Got You – Alternate
  14. Monday – Party Horn Version
  15. I Can’t Keep From Talking

Disc Four: Live at the Troubadour 11/12/96 (Part One)

  1. Sunken Treasure
  2. Red-Eyed And Blue
  3. I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
  4. Someone Else’s Song
  5. Someday Soon
  6. Forget The Flowers
  7. New Madrid
  8. I Must Be High
  9. Passenger Side – Punk Version
  10. Passenger Side
  11. Hotel Arizona
  12. Monday
  13. Say You Miss Me

Disc Five: Live at the Troubadour 11/12/96 (Part Two)

  1. Outtasite (Outta Mind)
  2. The Long Cut
  3. Kingpin
  4. Misunderstood
  5. Far, Far Away
  6. Give Back The Key To My Heart
  7. Gun
  8. Live On KCRW 11/13/96

  9. Sunken Treasure
  10. Red-Eyed And Blue
  11. Far, Far Away
  12. Will You Love Me Tomorrow