Weekly RecommNeds | Dawn Of Midi And Melt Yourself Down

Dawn of MidiDysnomia

One of the more intriguing albums of 2013 is Dawn of Midi’s Dysnomia. There is a delicious tension between the make-up of the band (generic acoustic piano-bass-drum trio) and what they sound like (experimental electronica). Like so many of their jazz piano trio’s ancestors, Dawn of Midi turn the genre once more on its head. The tracks run together, one lapsing into the next, making Dysnomia an album that is best digested whole in a single sitting (possibly with headphones, with dim mood lighting). Dysnomia is hypnotic, engaging and powerful: a must listen.

Spotify: Dawn of Midi – Dysnomia

MOG: Dawn of Midi – Dysnomia

Rhapsody: Dawn of Midi – Dysnomia

Melt Yourself DownMelt Yourself Down

Good luck finding a label or a genre to tag on Melt Yourself Down. Somewhere between jazz and afrobeat-punk, their self-titled debut is some high energy, whiplash-inducing, fun, fun, fun music that defies neat packages. Saxophones clash with adrenaline rhythms and juicy hunks of exotica. You’ll either find no adjectives to describe these songs or end up having to use them all.

Spotify: Melt Yourself Down – Melt Yourself Down

MOG: Melt Yourself Down – Melt Yourself Down

Rhapsody: Melt Yourself Down – Melt Yourself Down

Written By: Aaron Stein