In Your Jammies Edition: Wax Machine, Sunwatchers, Once And Future Band, Elder & Monta At Odds

By Aaron Stein Jun 10, 2020 12:19 pm PDT

Wax Machine: Earthsong Of Silence

This week I’ve got some great new albums with that jam-jam spirit. I mean, this is JamBase after all, right? First up is another great find from Beyond Beyond Is Beyond. Wax Machine are a band from the U.K. with a delicious sound that’s both throwback and forward looking. Psychedelic, with edges both hard and soft, their debut full-length Earthsong Of Silence is destined to find the pleasure centers of jam-lovers of all stripes. Dig in.


Sunwatchers: Oh Yeah?

Next up we’ve got Brooklyn’s Sunwatchers who recently put out their fourth studio record, Oh Yeah? which is perhaps the perfect soundtrack to the current day. Saxophone and guitar deliver a ferocious chaos on top of surprisingly accessible grooves. There’s a playful spirit mixed with a political anger, compositions giving way to open-ended musical argument. This is freeform jazz punk rock, totally exhilarating, out there in the best way possible. Get involved.


Once And Future Band: Deleted Scenes

Oakland’s Once and Future Band are repeat offenders here at the old weekly recs HQ and with good reason. They are, in my opinion, the standard bearer for inventive new prog-rock. Their latest LP is Deleted Scenes and perhaps their best work yet. A triumph of songs that mix an indie rock feel with orchestral grandeur, often exploding into well-executed jam-ready instrumental passages. This is the good shit, you should give it a shot.


Elder: Omens

For something a little heavier, but no less expansive, check out Omens. The latest from the German/American rockers Elder is heavy metal on psychedelics, building on the band’s previous work with a focused confidence. The album is five extended tracks that smash together influences in glorious fist-pumping fashion. This one gets out there, jam-lovers. Enjoy!


Monta At Odds: Zen Diagram

Let’s finish up with Zen Diagram. The latest EP from the brothers-led Kansas City band Monta at Odds is four tracks of head-spinning modern-day psychedelia. Heavy head-spinners with locked-in rhythms, it’s guitar and bass and outer-space synths and cosmic vocals, a perfect jammy escape for your mind and body. Queue it up and drop out for a little bit. Until next week, friends, take care.


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