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Catch the “hippy metal” band in action five nights a week!

By Team JamBase Jun 29, 2022 11:31 am PDT

Glostik Willy, a hippy metal power trio based in Indiana, streams live on five nights a week. Watch the band every Sunday through Thursday at

Glostik Willy consists of brothers Jay Moe and Ralf Mowf, along with their longtime cohort, Buddha Aguilar. The trio released their third full length album, Hippy Metal, last year. The LP was produced by Doug Wimbish, who also contributed auxiliary bass, and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge.

In 2019, Glostik Willy committed 100% of their off-time to Among the most active bands on the planet, Glostik Willy regularly plays over six-hour sets, five nights a week, featuring a massive catalog of close to 500 songs in their songlist, touching genres such as jam band, heavy metal, country and more.

What started with a single webcam has now grown into an 18K square foot warehouse, packed full of gear. The band has a full-service broadcast studio at their fingertips, several stages and multiple sets in the warehouse.

Glostik Willy’s livestreams are highly interactive. The band responds to the chat and lets fans pick the setlist, control the camera changes, trigger merch giveaways, improvise jams, play mini games, and more.

Visit and subscribe to the band’s channel. In addition to livestreams from their warehouse, Glostik Willy also livestreams their gigs when they hit the road. If you can’t watch them live, Glostik Willy livestreams are available on demand as well.

Watch Glostik Willy in action from a recent Twitch livestream below:

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