Video | TV On The Radio – Million Miles

It’s always been hard to peg TV On The Radio to just one sound or genre. With the recent release of a new single called “Mercy” and today’s unveiling of a track dubbed “Million Miles,” it’s clear the band’s schizophrenic ways will continue. “Mercy” was full of hard rocking bombast, while “Million Miles” shows off a slower, more nuanced side of TV On The Radio.

This morning TV On The Radio debuted “Million Miles” via NPR. We’re struck by the pretty tune and can’t stop listening. NPR also premiered a Natalia Leite-directed video for “Million Miles.” The band’s Kyp Malone shared the following with NPR about the video, “It’s fun to take the idea of a song outside of the world of sound, give it fuller expression, expand its dimensions. I’ve wanted to collaborate with Natalia since I first saw her work and I thought this would be a good opportunity. We got a lot of help from a lot of creative people. Very excited to get to tell a story in this form.”

Let’s take a look at the video for “Million Miles”: