Video: Dan Kanter, Mike Gordon And Jon Fishman Second City Jam

Rain may have called an early end to the evening for many Phish fans this past Friday night, but not for two members of the band. After the Phish show at Northerly Island in Chicago was cut short, bassist Mike Gordon and drummer Jon Fishman headed to the Second City Theater. Cactus and Fish, along with Justin Bieber guitarist / musical director Dan Kanter, jammed on stage as members of the comedy troupe improvised.

[Photo via Dan Kanter on Instagram

A 14-minute video of the trio’s “comedy jam” has surfaced and finds them performing an arabian-tinged bit of improv, an instrumental version of Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” and a pretty little bit that sounds like “Stir It Up” meets “Sweet Child Of Mine.”

Let’s take a look…

As you may recall, this past Sunday night members of Second City joined Phish on stage for “Harpua”:

Second City’s Julie B. Nichols and Katie Rich each shared behind-the-scenes photos from their Phishing trip on their Twitter accounts and on Instagram.