Video | Adam Deitch Guests With Revivalists On Lettuce Song

In the better late than never department, we want to point out a notable sit-in that took place in Chicago last month. On June 14 Lettuce drummer Adam Deitch joined The Revivalists for a take on the hard-hitting Lettuce track “Madison Square” at The Bottom Lounge in The Windy City.

You may recall that Deitch was none too pleased last year, when he found out The Revivalists were covering his band’s “biggest song.” He tweeted that “they should try writing their own music. Covering a bands biggest song is stupid, especially when the band they’re covering is still out doing huge fests playing the song.” Deitch quickly deleted the tweets and issued an apology saying, “I had been hearing from a lot of people that they (The Revivalists) have been playing our song at their shows. Their version is good and we are honored that they chose to cover it. I just thought it was more appropriate if you’re a funk band, to cover bands that are NOT still touring and playing the same version of the song. I went too far to call it stupid and I blame that on me just being pre-tour stressed. More power to The Revivalists. I take it all back. Now my whole band is pissed at me.”

The Revivalists for their part had nothing but love for Deitch and Lettuce and thankfully the drummer quickly realized as much. So, it’s with that in mind we share stellar video (by Nunu Zumot) of Adam sitting in with The Revivalists on a hatchet-burying performance of “Madison Square”: