Umphrey’s McGee Wraps ‘Wrapped Around Nashville’ Livestream Series


Umphrey’s McGee wrapped their “Wrapped Around Nashville” livestream series with a third and final performance from drummer Kris Myers‘ Rocktopus’ Garden home studio in Nashville. Saturday’s concert began with a choose-your-own-adventure style first set featuring realtime voting on the songs the band would play and a second set consisting of songs chosen by UM.

After voting got underway, “Der Bluten Kat” beat “Miss Tinkle’s Overture” as the set opener. Guitarist Brendan Bayliss then led the group through “Alex’s House,” which beat out “Cutoff” and “Thin Air.” The long-played original “Slaker” outdid “Words” and “Morning Song” for the next fan-selected song. Voters were then given the choice of three instrumentals, “Kabump,” “The Fussy Dutchman” and the winning option “Night Nurse.”

Those streaming along were then offered the option of “Phil’s Farm,” “1348” or “Walletsworth” with “Phil’s” narrowly winning out. A close tally also came between “Higgins,” “Intentions Clear” and “The Fuzz” with voters selecting “The Fuzz.” Another set of instrumentals were then offered and another close outcome saw “Padgett’s Profile” edge out “Den” and “Glory.” Fans voted to close the set with “Partyin’ Peeps” rather than finish the opening “DBK.”

The band was back in control of the setlist for the second set, opening with the groove-oriented “Wappy Sprayberry.” A pair of classics came next as the band transitioned into the sing-along “Front Porch” and angular instrumental “All Things Ninja.”

UM then opted for “Attachments” that segued nicely into “Draconian,” followed by a nod to their location with “Rocktapus.” The show and livestream series drew to a close with the combination of “The Triple Wide” and “August.”

Setlist (via All Things UM)

Set One: Der Bluten Kat -> Alex’s House, Slacker, Night Nurse > Phil’s Farm[1], The Fuzz[2] > Padgett’s Profile, Partyin’ Peeps

Set Two: Wappy Sprayberry > Front Porch, All Things Ninja, Attachments -> Draconian, Roctopus, The Triple Wide, August


[1] with Babe I’m Gonna Leave You (Led Zeppelin) tease [2] with In a Silent Way (Miles Davis) teases
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