Umphrey’s McGee Goes Acoustic For ‘Wrapped Around Nashville’ Livestream


Umphrey’s McGee performed the second show of their three-night “Wrapped Around Nashville” livestream series from drummer Kris Myers‘ Rocktopus’ Garden home studio in Nashville. The fan-voted first set featured Jake Cinninger and Brendan Bayliss on acoustic guitars while the electric second set was disrupted by technical difficulties.

The fan-voted, acoustic first set began with “In The Kitchen” that opened up into the first extended improvisation of the night. Leaving the opener unfinished, the band segued into “Wife Soup,” which was followed by the instrumental “End Of The Road.” Next came “Final Word” and a transition into another instrumental, “Great American.”

The acoustic set continued with Cinninger leading a romp through “Women, Wine And Song.” Bayliss then led a run through the old school favorite “Uncle Wally” and the fellow UM classic “FF.” The jam out of “FF” led to another instrumental original, keyboardist Joel Cummins’ “Visions.” A return to finish “In The Kitchen” closed out the acoustic first set.

The second set started with Cinninger and Bayliss playing electric guitars on “Hurt Bird Bath.” Those streaming along experienced a dropout of the broadcast. When the stream came back, UM started up again and delivered “Puppet String” but the connectivity issue returned and continued to affect the stream. UM continued the set with “Stinko’s Ascension” and subsequently managed to make it through “Booth Love” and part of “The Crooked One” before the stream dropped out for a final time.

UM finished the set despite not being able to livestream its conclusion and posted the unaired songs as part of the show’s on-demand replay. What did not stream was a jam out of “The Crooked One” that led into “Dump City.” The band ended the night with Bayliss steering a “Divisions” finale.

Umphrey’s McGee returns to Rocktupus’ Garden tonight for the last “Wrapped Around Nashville” livestream performance. The first set will be a live fan-voting setlist and the second set will be written by the band. Purchase access to the livestream via Mandolin.

Watch “In The Kitchen” and “Wife Soup” as well as “Final Word” from last night’s acoustic first set below:

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Set One: In the Kitchen > Wife Soup, End Of the Road, Final Word > Great American, Women Wine and Song, Uncle Wally, FF > Visions -> In the Kitchen

Set Two: Hurt Bird Bath, Puppet String, Stinko’s Ascension, Booth Love, The Crooked One > Dump City, Divisions

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