Umphrey’s McGee Shares ‘Bullhead City’ Episode Of ‘Anchor Drops Redux’ Series


On May 17, Umphrey’s McGee will release Anchor Drops Redux, the band’s 15th anniversary re-release of their landmark LP Anchor Drops. To support the forthcoming release, the band has launched a mini-documenty series about specific songs off the 2004 album, which features “the history of the album, stories behind the songs, and musings on the early years of the band’s time in Chicago.” Following up past episodes on “Plunger,” “Anchor Drops” and “In The Kitchen,” the Chicago-based jam act has released a new installment focused on “Bullhead City.”

The fourth episode of the series starts with Joel Cummins giving context to the inspiration of the song, noting “We were trying to get to Las Vegas — and this was right after 9/11 — and the Hoover Dam road had been closed, so our driver suggested that we go to Bullhead City instead.” Alternating interview clips of Cummins and Jake Cinninger continue the story, sharing how the group’s original drummer, Mike Mirro, “had a really big day” gambling while on their first “real bus tour” in spring of 2002, eventually winning about $5,000. Explains Cummins, “I told him, ‘Listen man, you gotta go back to your room and put this money away.’ He then proceeded to lose all $5,000. He actually didn’t go back to his room; he just tricked me and went to the bar.”

After speaking on the origins of the track, Cinninger then discusses how “Bullhead City” came together musically. After speaking about the development of the A section of the song, he explains how Brendan Bayliss had a great B section for a song he was sitting on. He also speaks on the song’s “progressive country vibe,” before noting that he also “lost a ton of money” and he never gambles anymore because of that night in Bullhead City. The video ends with Cinninger reiterating, “I was just so badly burned.”

Watch the fourth episode of Umphrey’s McGee’s Anchor Drops Redux video series below:

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