Umphrey’s McGee Announce New Album – Similar Skin

Umphrey’s McGee have officially announced that they will release their eighth studio album, Similar Skin, on June 10. The band revealed the news via the launch of Similar Skin contains a mix of road-tested material and new compositions.

“The Linear,” “Cut The Cable,” “Hourglass,” “No Diablo” and “Puppet String” are among the tunes on Similar Skin which UM has performed live. A studio version of “Bridgeless,” which has been a staple of Umphrey’s repertoire for over a decade, has also made the cut. “When you’re a young band in the studio, at first you think it’s about just playing the right notes and playing them in time and making something that sounds better than what you can do as a live band,” keyboardist Joel Cummins told Rolling Stone about the band’s process in a recent interview. “Now it’s about getting [the album,] emotionally, exactly where it needs to be.” According to Rolling Stone, the band will self-release the album and have financed it themselves. “I think there’s definitely a few tracks on this that will help make us some new fans,” Cummins also told Rolling Stone in the January interview. “I really hope this is something people are going to spend a lot of time listening to with headphones.” 

Here’s the full tracklist for Similar Skin:

The Linear (Debuted Live -1/22/10), Cut The Cable (Debuted Live -12/30/12), Hourglass (Debuted Live -5/27/11), No Diablo (Debuted Live -4/26/13), Similar Skin (Never Played Live), Puppet String (Debuted Live -5/28/11), Little Gift (Never Played Live), Educated Guess (Never Played Live), Loose Ends (Debuted Live 3/25/12), Hindsight (Never Played Live), Bridgless (Debuted Live -1/30/04)

We’ll have much more on Similar Skin in the coming months.

Umphrey’s McGee Studio Albums:

1998 -Greatest Hits Vol. III
2002 -Local Band Does OK
2004 -Anchor Drops
2006 -Safety In Numbers
2007 -The Bottom Half
2009 -Mantis
2011 -Death By Stereo
2014 -Similar Skin