Umphrey’s McGee Concludes ‘Anchor Drops Redux’ Video Series


Back in May, Umphrey’s McGee released the 15th anniversary reissue of their landmark 2004 LP, Anchor Drops. Now, the Chicago band has finished off their ongoing documentary video series, Anchor Drops Redux, profiling each song off the album with the release of clips on “Wife Soup” and “The Pequod.”

For episode 12, the members of Umphrey’s discuss “Wife Soup,” with Brendan Bayliss first noting that the song is about Kris Myers joining the band and “the whole circus he was walking into.” Bayliss also cites psychedelic author Tom Robbins’ 1976 novel Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, explaining that the title comes from the book’s quote, “It was kind of like a wife soup.” From there, Myers discusses his entrance into the band and adjusting to the touring lifestyle, with behind-the-scenes footage spliced in throughout.

For the 13th and final episode on “The Pequod,” the group deviates from form, instead taking time to speak more broadly about the creation and recording of Anchor Drops. The clip opens with the group discussing the abandoned recording studio where they captured the LP. Due to its location next to a block of transformers, Myers describes “the magnetic field of bad electrical currents going through the outlets,” creating a ghostly effect of buzzing and feedback. However, the group shifts to happier ideas toward the second half, with the members’ touching on the importance of the album in their careers.

You can watch the videos for “Wife Soup” and “The Pequod,” as well as a playlist of the entire Anchor Drops Redux video series, below:

Wife Soup

The Pequod

Anchor Drops Redux Video Series Playlist

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