U-Melt: New Guitarist New Album, National Tour


U-Melt has announced the departure of guitarist Rob Salzer, and will welcome Kevin Griffin as his replacement. Below is a message from the band.

A band is a living organism: changing, adapting, and growing. As one ebbs another flows and we use every experience as a reminder of where we have been and a forecast of where we are going. It is with much sadness that U-Melt announces the departure of guitarist, Rob Salzer, from U-Melt. Rob helped create U-Melt out of a440 in 2003 and has enjoyed all of U-Melt’s adventures over the last 6 years. Together, we have had the pleasure of creating both unique music and a passionate fan base in cities around the country. Rob has decided he needs to attend to both his medical needs (not too serious, don’t worry!) and new personal endeavors. While we are sad to see our dear friend go, we admire Rob for taking care of himself and we are by his side during this process. The band completely supports his decision as we know it is right for him at this time. Rob is always a member of the U-Melt family and we look forward to collaborating with him in both the studio and on the stage in the future.

Moving forward to the next exciting chapter for U-Melt, it is with great pleasure that we announce that long time friend of the band, Kevin Griffin, will be U-Melt’s new guitarist beginning in February for the Perfect World Album Release Tour. Kevin has shared the stage with U-Melt a number of times over the years and solidified his place in the family the last few weeks by proving his impeccable taste and timing during the audition process.

According to U-Melt’s keyboardist, Zac Lasher, “Kevin’s sense of timing and space are fantastic, and he can make some great sounds with his guitar rig. When we were playing together the other day, he was doing some textural stuff that absolutely blew my mind. He brought a new sound and energy to the music that had Bendy, G, and I looking up and laughing because it sounded so damn good.”

Griffin has been a staple on the NY/NJ live music scene for many years, sometimes juggling as many as 5 different and diverse bands at a time and playing 200 shows a year. Those of you that have been able to catch The Point or Reckoning can imagine how excited we are to add his extensive experience and great talent to U-Melt. In addition to playing a captivating guitar, Kevin studied jazz woodwinds and audio recording tech at the same school as Adam and Rob. We are very excited for the multi-faceted approach Kevin will be adding to U-Melt’s sound along with his spirited song writing skills, impressive catalogue of covers and years of musical experience on the road. (N)U-Melt in 2010!

We thank our fans for their support and their patience these last few months. We know you will all help us welcome our new spectacular guitarist to the band. As the tide shifts U-Melt has a lot of exciting news for 2010. First, we will be streaming one track from U-Melt’s upcoming album, Perfect World, over the next 10 weeks on our MySpace page. Perfect World will be released in stores nationally via Harmonized Records on February 23, 2010 and we’ll be celebrating its release with a party in our hometown of New York City at the Bowery Ballroom! As each week passes, we’ll replace the studio track in MySpace with a new one. So, be sure to check in every week for a taste of Perfect World and other exciting news on unreleased outtakes and new songs with Kevin Griffin.

Finally, get ready for the holidays U-Melt style! In the coming weeks we will be releasing a number of new crisp SBD recordings through our very own U-Tunes live download space. If you’re looking for the perfect present for that friend that has everything, you can rest assured they do not have these unreleased recordings. Be sure to join us on the Perfect World National Tour as we launch a new era of U-Melt.

Kevin, welcome to the band.

See you on the road!


U-Melt Perfect World National Tour
02/12/10 Fri Castaways Ithaca, NY
02/13/10 Sat Nietzsche’s Buffalo, NY
02/18/10 Thu The Wheelhouse Narragansett, RI
02/19/10 Fri North Star Philadelphia, PA
02/20/10 Sat Bowery Ballroom New York, NY
02/25/10 Thu The 8X10 Baltimore, MD
02/26/10 Fri The Sherman Theater Stroudsburg, PA
02/27/10 Sat Harpers Ferry Allston, MA
03/04/10 Thu Nectar’s Burlington, VT
03/05/10 Fri Revolution Hall Troy, NY
03/24/10 Wed The Pour House Music Hall Raleigh, NC
03/25/10 Thu The Pour House Charleston, SC
03/26/10 Fri Double Door Inn Charlotte, NC
03/27/10 Sat Smith’s Olde Bar Atlanta, GA