Making Frends: Twiddle Delivers Guest-Filled Run At Capitol Theatre

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By Nate Todd Nov 28, 2022 2:51 pm PST

Twiddle returned to The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York over Thanksgiving Weekend for their annual two-night “Frendsgiving” celebration. The guest-filled run saw Twiddle welcoming members of openers Dogs In A Pile and Neighbor as well as a horn section and more over the course of the weekend.

Twiddle kicked off night one on Friday, November 25 with the live debut of “Every Last Leaf I,” the opener on the band’s 2022 album of the same name, which saw drummer Adrian Tramontano on guitar. After “Beautiful,” “Stroganoff” and “Life Back Now,” Twiddle welcomed a horn section of Michael Bafundo and Mike Oehmen for “Complacent Race,” “Moments,” “Latin Tang” and “Polluted Beauty.” Frontman and guitarist Mihali would rock out on a cowbell for set closer “The Box.”

Set two got underway with the horns on “Syncopated Healing” before Brian Murray and Sam Lucid of Dogs In A Pile joined in for “Distance Makes The Heart.” The horns returned for “Enter” and “Orlandos,” the latter of which included “Cross-Eyed And Painless” teases. Twiddle would go it alone for a seamless sequence of “Apples,” “White Light,” “Mushrooms Of The Sea” and a return to “Apples” to cap off the segment.

The horns then came back out for set-closer “Lost In The Cold.” For the encore, Dogs In A Pile’s Jeremy Kaplan and Jimmy Law along with the horns got in on the action for the Twiddle debut of the Holland–Dozier–Holland-penned Marvin Gaye-recorded Motown classic “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” to conclude night one of Frendsgiving.

Night two fittingly began with “Frends Theme” followed by “The Devil.” Twiddle then offered an “Apples” vocal reprise on “Dr. Remidis Melodrium” ahead of “Fighting For.” The first frame came to a close with “Every Soul” encompassing “Mamunes The Faun,” which saw frequent Twiddle collaborator Scott Hannay joining in. Twiddle would deliver most of the second set between opener “Grandpa Fox.” The set also included staples like “Beethoven & Greene” and “Frankenfoote.” Set closer “Slippin In The Kitchen” saw Twiddle welcoming Neighbor’s Richard James as well as Hannay.

The encore began with the Twiddle debut of War’s “Why Can’t We Be Friends” before the quartet headed into the original “When It Rains It Pours.” Hannay would return to help Twiddle close out Frendsgiving with “Every Last Leaf II,” bookening the run with the bookends of the band’s new album.

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Night One Setlist (via Twiddle IG)

Set 1: Every Last Leaf I [1], Beautiful, Stroganoff, Life Back Now, Complacent Race [2], Moments [2], Latin Tang [2], Polluted Beauty [2] > The Box#

Set 2: Syncopated Healing [2], Distance Makes the Heart [3], Enter [2] > Orlandos^ [2], Apples > White Light > Mushrooms of the Sea > Apples, Lost in the Cold [2]

Encore: How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) [4]


  • [1] First time played. With Adrian Tramontano on guitar
  • [2] With Michael Bafundo and Mike Oehmen (Horns)
  • [3] With Brian Murray and Sam Lucid (@dogsinapileband)
  • [4] Marvin Gaye (Debut). With Jeremy Kaplan and Jimmy Law (Dogs In A Pile), plus Michael Bafundo and Mike Oehmen (Horns)
  • # with Mihali Cowbell Jam
  • ^ with Crosseyed and Painless teases

Night Two Setlist (via Twiddle IG)

Set 1: Frends Theme, The Devil, Dr Remidis Melodrium [1], Fighting For, Every Soul > Mamunes The Faun [2] > Every Soul

Set 2:Grandpa Fox > The Mission, Beethoven & Greene, Frankenfoote > Grandpa Fox, Slippin in the Kitchen [3]

Encore: Why Can’t We Be Frends [4] > When it Rains it Poors > Every Last Leaf II [2]


  • [1] Apples Vocal Reprise
  • [2] With Scott Hannay
  • [3] With Rick James (@neighbortunes) & Scott Hannay
  • [4] WAR (Debut)
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