Twiddle Welcomes Daniel Donato & Brandon ‘Taz’ Niederauer At Candler Park Music Festival

See Taz shred with Twiddle and listen to Daniel's guest spot in full-show audio.

By Nate Todd Jun 7, 2022 11:45 am PDT

Twiddle appeared at the Candler Park Music Festival in Atlanta on Saturday. The Vermont-based band welcomed guitarists Daniel Donato and Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, who both performed at the festival in the Trouble No More Allman Brothers tribute.

Twiddle got their Candler Park slot underway with a trio of staples — “Collective Pulse,” “Syncopated Healing” and “Apples,” the latter stretching to 13-minutes. The quartet then brought out guitarist Daniel Donato for a pairing of “Hattie’s Jam” and “When It Rains It Pours,” with Donato adding some stellar twangy soloing on the latter.

Twiddle then went it alone for a 14-minute rendition of their classic “Jamflowman” ahead of their new song “Beautiful,” which the band recently released in preview of their first studio album in five years, Every Last Leaf, due out in August. “Beautiful” contained a drum solo from ​​Adrian Tramontano, who has been filling in for Brook Jordan, before the band finished up the song.

After “Every Soul,” the quartet welcomed frequent collaborator Brandon ‘Taz’ Niederauer for “Lost In The Cold.” The sit-in saw the talented young guitarist providing some fiery fretboard work before teaming up with Twiddle guitarist Mihali to put an exclamation point on the set.

Check out a clip of Niederauer’s collab with Twiddle and also hear Donato’s guest spot in full-show audio below via Z-Man:

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Setlist (via Twiddle PT)

Set: Collective Pulse, Syncopated Healing, Apples, Hattie’s Jam[1] > When It Rains It Pours[1], Jamflowman, Beautiful, Every Soul, Lost In The Cold[2]


[1] w/ Daniel Donato

[2] w/ Brandon Niederauer

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