Toubab Krewe Plots Fall Tour 2021

The run includes Toubab Krewe's first shows in the Midwest since returning from a 2015 - 2016 touring hiatus.

By Scott Bernstein Aug 12, 2021 9:09 am PDT

Instrumental quintet Toubab Krewe detailed their upcoming fall tour. The Asheville-based band will play concerts in September, October and November as part of the run.

Toubab Krewe starts the excursion with appearances at the Front Porch, Purple Fiddle and 4848 festivals over Labor Day Weekend. From there, the band heads to Florida for shows in Winter Park on September 16, Boca Raton on September 17, Jacksonville on September 18 and Dunedin on September 19.

The five-piece returns to their home state of North Carolina for performances in Hot Springs on September 24 and Raleigh on September 25. Next, a pair of outdoor shows will be held in New Orleans on October 9 and 13. Toubab Krewe are currently slated to end the tour with their first trip to the Midwest since returning from a touring hiatus in 2016. Concerts will be held in Ferndale (Michigan) on November 18, Columbus on November 19 and Chicago on November 20.

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