Tom Marshall Shares Another Q&A Installment Of ‘Under The Scales’


The latest installment of Phish lyricist Tom Marshall’s Under The Scales podcast finds him answering questions from listeners. Marshall’s friends Petrea Davis and Kelly Baines sorted through submissions to ask Tom questions over the course of the hour-long podcast.

One of the first question deals with whether Tom worries about whether his song ideas will be shot down. Marshall went on to discuss the origins of “Jennifer Dances,” a song he calls “a joke” and mentions has “terrible lyrics.” Tom also reveals Trey recently revisited “Second Sight,” a tune Marshall wrote with Steve “The Dude Of Life” Pollak and Anthony Krizan, for possible performance by Phish. Marshall, Baines and Davis also talk about specific mentions of real people in Tom’s lyrics and go into detail on the “alternate” lyrics for the long-lost TAB tune “Moesha.”

Kelly and Petrea also discuss their first Phish experiences and personal backgrounds in addition to the Q&A session. When the pair get back to asking Tom questions, they bring up whether Marshall finds out inside information about where Phish is playing. Another query thrown Tom’s way is whether the band makes a conscious decision to blow out a specific version of a song before they take the stage. The lyricist also goes into detail on his writing sessions with Trey and talks about additional topics.

Marshall’s latest Q&A episode of Under The Scales follows a similar installment from May. Look for the next episode of Under The Scales to be released after Phish concludes their “Baker’s Dozen” run at Madison Square Garden in New York City.