The Police ‘Everyone Stares’ DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital Release Features Bonus Material


The Police drummer Stewart Copeland started documenting the band’s career two years after they formed and compiled the best footage into the 2006 film Everyone Stares. The movie will make its Blu-Ray and Digital debut on May 31 via Eagle Rock Entertainment. A new DVD version will also be available. Each includes 20 minutes of bonus material in addition to the original film.

“In 1978, when I was a member of a struggling rock band called The Police, I scraped together enough money to buy a super 8 movie camera,” Copeland said. “As soon as I raised it to my eye and started filming, amazing things began to happen. It was like watching a movie unfold as the band sparked a fire that lit up the world for us. Everyone Stares is that movie.”

As Copeland mentioned, The Police weren’t a success yet when he started filming but would be one of the biggest bands in the world by the time they split in 1986. The trio consisting of Stewart Copeland, bassist Sting and guitarist Andy Summers reunited shortly after the release of Everyone Stares for a reunion tour that lasted until August 2008. Watch the trailer for Everyone Stares:


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