The JB List | 10 Phish Originals Gone Missing In 2013

We’re on the verge of Phish’s last shows of the summer as the band is set to kick off a three-night stand at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park outside of Denver on Friday night. The last two Labor Day weekend runs at Dick’s have both been sensational, with last year’s three-night stand setting the tone for what’s been a fantastic year of Phish.

[Photo by Chad Smith]

While Phish has played 164 songs so far in 2013, there are a number of originals that have remained on the shelf throughout the year. For today’s JB List we look at ten in particular that we’d love to see make their 2013 debut this weekend in Colorado. Take a look and be sure to leave your own suggestion as a comment below the article.

1. Fee: Last Time Played -07/01/2012

There was a long period of time when “Fee” was in heavy rotation, yet versions of the tune have been few and far between since Phish returned from a hiatus and then a breakup. The last performance of “Fee” took place in Alpine Valley on July 1, 2012 and featured an otherworldly “harmonics jam.” It’s now been 45 shows since Phish played “Fee” and we’d love to see it at Dick’s.

2. The Horse: Last Time Played -12/31/2012

One interesting surprise in this year’s sets has been Phish performing “Silent In The Morning” without its traditional “The Horse” introduction. The two songs have been paired since their debut on March 7, 1992 except on rare occasions. “Silent” has been played four times this summer and each time “The Horse” was nowhere to be found. Is it gone for good?

3. Buried Alive: Last Time Played -06/07/2012

This Trey Anastasio-penned instrumental has been a rarity since 1995, but we had high hopes when it appeared not just once but twice at last summer’s tour opener in Worcester. However, it has gone missing ever since.

4. Fuck Your Face: Last Time Played -08/31/2012

The star of the first night of last year’s Dick’s Run, when Phish’s setlist spelled out “FUCK YOUR FACE” before actually performing the golden oldie, the song hasn’t been played since that fateful night. One of the biggest bust outs in Phish history (1,412 shows between 4/29/1987 and 7/02/2010), will Phish tip their proverbial hat at last year’s run by performing “Fuck Your Face” in Denver again this year?

5. If I Could: Last Time Played -08/29/2012

After this beautiful ballad was only played six times between 1996 and 2011, “If I Could” was back in the fold last year with four performances. We love the song and its gorgeous solo, so we’re hoping we haven’t seen the last of it.

6. Guelah Papyrus: Last Time Played -08/15/2012

Phish seems to have an off-again/on-again relationship with the Picture Of Nectar gem “Guelah Papyrus.” The quartet didn’t perform it at all in the “post-hiatus era,” but played it at one of their Hampton comeback shows in 2009. There’s been 11 versions since, yet none in 2013.

7. The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday: Last Time Played -07/04/2012

This instrumental has been a rarity for most of its run since debuted in 1987. In fact, the Vermonters have only played it (and its reprise) twice since 2009. It’s a long shot, but we’d love to see it make its triumphant return at Dick’s -and hey…while we’re at it…might as well play all of Gamehendge too.

8. Party Time: Last Time Played -12/31/2012

“Party Time” sets a festive atmosphere whenever it appears and as such has been performed at every New Year’s Eve since it was debuted in 2009 with the exception of 2010. We’d like to see Phish set the tone by opening the run with the first “Party Time” of the year.

9. What’s The Use?: Last Time Played -08/25/2012

This ambient instrumental off The Siket Disc works really well when the quartet segues into it in the middle of a pretty jam. It’s one of the more emotive instrumentals they have and we’ve got our fingers crossed that it will appear as the sun sets over Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.

10. Billy Breathes: Last Time Played -06/15/2012

Another gorgeous ballad that along with “Lifeboy” and the aforementioned “If I Could” have gone unplayed in 2013. “Billy Breathes” has given the band fits in the past, but with a few rehearsals we’re sure they can nail it.