TAUK & Kanika Moore Prep New Collaborative Album ‘TAUK Moore’

The digital-only release hits all streaming platforms on June 16.

By Scott Bernstein Jun 1, 2023 1:24 pm PDT

Long Island-based progressive-jam quartet TAUK and Doom Flamingo frontwoman Kanika Moore have served up a number of appetizers over the past seven months by sharing a string of singles. On June 16 the five musicians will offer the main course with the release of TAUK Moore, their first collaborative full-length studio album.

Moore and TAUK initially teamed up to perform at the Electric Forest music festival in 2018. The chemistry was unmistakable at Electric Forest and other festivals that hosted the collaboration in 2021, leading TAUK to invite the vocalist to their Oyster Bay studio on Long Island in January 2022. Initially the plan was to work on a song or two which turned into two weeks of sessions recording material they created together.

Last fall, TAUK and Kanika Moore hit the road for the first TAUK Moore tour and started putting out some of the fruits of their studio time labor. Debut original single “STFU” followed a cover of Björk‘s “Army of Me.” The outfit went on to release more cuts over the past few months including “Step Back,” “Daydreams” and “Deal Breaker.” Moore and TAUK have continued to share the stage in 2023 with a few gigs set for later this month.

“The groundbreaking project is an epic snapshot of the immeasurable sonic synergy crafted in studio by the dynamic musicians,” noted an announcement heralding TAUK Moore. “Get ready to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring auditory chemistry that has ignited stages and wowed audiences nationwide.” TAUK Moore will be available on all streaming platforms and can be pre-saved here.

Deal Breaker

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