The String Cheese Incident & Jim Lauderdale Share ‘Stories For Another Day’ Single


The String Cheese Incident collaborated with singer-songwriter Jim Lauderdale on the new single “Stories For Another Day.” Cheese released “Stories For Another Day” as the latest installment of their SCI Sound Lab series of singles.

Lauderdale contributed both to the writing and recording of “Stories For Another Day.” The famed singer-songwriter handles lead vocals on SCI’s fourth Sound Lab single of 2019. The String Cheese Incident guitarist Bill Nershi shared the following with The Bluegrass Situation of collaborating with Jim Lauderdale:

I’ve written, and other members in the band have written, with Jim Lauderdale before and we’ve always had good results. You never walk away from sitting down with Jim empty-handed. He’s like a stream of ideas. You get done with one idea and he’s already singing some melody into his recorder, or some lyric from your conversation with him. And he has this whole chain of ideas going at all times.

I like to show up when I write with Jim with some different ideas of my own. Whether it’s a chord progression, or a lyrical idea, or a concept. Just an idea for a song. So I went out to Nashville and spent a few days out there with him, and you don’t want to go into a project like that and be sitting around going, ‘Uh….’ So you come in with some ideas.

For this song, ‘Stories for Another Day,’ I had this melodic chord progression with all these different parts. I played with a few different ideas and I played this one thing in D minor that I had been working on. I had been trying to think about how to make it work as an instrumental, or with lyrics. I played it for him, and he picked three chords out of one of the three different sections and said, “Let’s just write a song with that chord progression right there. Those three chords.”

So I had a lot of stuff that was maybe gratuitous in this concept that I had and he plucked this one simple idea out of it. We sat down and started writing some lyrics to that. It’s great writing with Jim.

Stream “Stories For Another Day” below:

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