Watch Sting Discuss How He Got His Famous Moniker & More On 2016 ‘Howard Stern’ Appearance

The former frontman of The Police also talks about the band’s classic “Roxanne.”

By Nate Todd Feb 6, 2023 3:49 pm PST

The Howard Stern Show shared video from Sting’s 2016 appearance on the SiriusXM program. The legendary musician spoke with Stern about how he came to be called Sting and more.

The clip begins with Stern inquiring about Sting’s 16 Grammy Awards at the time (he has 17 now). “Does 16 Grammys mean something to you? Are you a guy who says ‘awards are important to me,’ or is that meaningless to you?

It’s pretty meaningless,” Sting replied. But wittily adds. “But I enjoy getting them.” He also hilariously notes that he keeps his Grammys in the bathroom. Stern then switched gears and began discussing how Gordon Matthew Sumner became Sting, one of the coolest stage names of all time.

“Being Gordon the bass player is not cool,” Stern joked. “It ain’t cool is it?” Sting replied. Find out how Gordon became Sting by watching the video below which also sees the artist talking about The Police classic “Roxanne”:

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