Steve Poltz Announces New Album ‘Stardust & Satellites’ + Shares Single

Listen to "Conveyor Belt," the album's lead single and closing track.

By Scott Bernstein Nov 19, 2021 6:33 am PST

Steve Poltz will release a new studio album entitled Stardust & Satellites through Red House Records on February 18, 2022. The renowned troubadour previewed his 14th solo LP by unveiling “Conveyor Belt,” its lead single.

Poltz tapped The Wood Brothers’ Oliver Wood and Jano Rix to co-produce the 10-track follow-up to 2019’s Shine On. Steve worked on Stardust & Satellites in his hometown of Nashville in 2020 after the pandemic forced the singer-songwriter off the road. Poltz decided to have Oliver Wood and Jano Rix co-helm the LP after Steve and Oliver had a successful songwriting session together.

“When you hear this, I want you to say, ‘He’s really done it this time. I can’t wait to see him play. I’m going to bring eight friends with me. I want a sample of his DNA. I need a lock of his hair. This record moves me. I listen to it every morning and every night too. I hate all other records by anyone else,’” Poltz quipped regarding Stardust & Satellites. “I just don’t overthink it. I can do anything if I don’t put too much pressure on myself. Nothing is really that important. We’ll all be dead anyways. It’s all bullshit. So just have fun.”

“Conveyor Belt” is an extremely personal song for Steve. “My mom passed away, and then a year later my dad crossed over,” Poltz explained. “I started thinking that I was next on the conveyor belt in a factory on the wheel of time. Next thing I know I grabbed my guitar and this song appeared to me like a gift.”

Stream “Conveyor Belt” below:

Stardust & Satellites Tracklist

  1. Wrong Town
  2. Conveyor Belt
  3. Can O’Pop
  4. Frenemy
  5. It’s Baseball Season
  6. Up With People
  7. Lord and Savior
  8. Let’s Stay Together
  9. Miles In My Heart
  10. Stardust and Satellites

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