Steve Gunn Announces New Album ‘Other You’ & Shares Singles

Watch videos for “Reflection” and the title track.

By Andy Kahn Jun 29, 2021 7:00 am PDT

Steve Gunn will release a new album entitled Other You on August 27 through Matador Records. The guitarist shared videos for a pair of singles, “Reflection” and the title track.

Gunn recorded Other You on two trips to Los Angeles in late-2020 and early-2021. Gunn worked on the follow-up to 2019’s The Unseen In Between with producer Rob Schnapf at his Mant Studios. Guest contributors include Juliana Barwick, Mary Lattimore, Bridget St. John, Jeff Parker, Bill MacKay, Ben Bertrand and Ryan Sawyer, among others.

“I came up with this title when we were recording vocals and Rob was very into harmonies,” Gunn stated. “There was a third part and I just couldn’t find the note. I couldn’t vocalize it. He went in and took my voice and put it into his computer program, then he could playback and ‘sing’ the note with my voice using the computer. And he said, ‘Sing to the other you.’ So I was singing along to myself singing a note I couldn’t sing.”

Watch the videos for “Other You” and “Reflection” below:

Other You


Other You Tracklist

  1. Other You
  2. Fulton
  3. Morning River
  4. Good Wind
  5. Circuit Rider
  6. On The Way
  7. Protection
  8. The Painter
  9. Reflection
  10. Sugar Kiss
  11. Ever Feel That Way
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