St. Vincent Plays Unplanned ‘Unplugged’ Concert In England

“Brexit and COVID” were blamed for having to play a mostly acoustic concert.

By Andy Kahn Jul 1, 2022 11:41 am PDT

St. Vincent (Annie Clark) treated fans to a special unplanned acoustic concert on Thursday night in Bexhill, England. The unexpected “STV Unplugged” performance was due to the band’s gear not making it to the venue in time for the show.

Clark prepared fans for the unexpected gig with a post on social media. The singer-songwriter/guitarist noted the circumstances were seemingly beyond her control, writing:

STV UNPLUGGED IN BEXHILL!!! Good pals, Brexit and Covid, have conspired to fuck us on freight, but rather than wallow in sorrow, WE have decided to give Bexhill a very SPECIAL STV performance. Behold —STV UNPLUGGED!!! It’ll be RAW ACOUSTIC POWER. Be there or be square. -AC

The resulting subdued “STV Unplugged” show saw Clark on acoustic guitar, supported by bass, drums, grand piano and backing vocalists. Unlike typical St. Vincent concerts, the production at De La Warr Pavilion was also stripped down to the basics, missing the usual Daddy’s Home Tour theatrics.

The setlist include seven songs from Daddy Home, St. Vincent’s most recent album that came out last year. Mixed in were songs from 2017’s Masseduction (“Fear the Future,” “Los Ageless,” “New York”), 2015’s St. Vincent (“Digital Witness”) and 2011’s Strange Mercy (“Cheerleader,” “Year Of The Tiger).

Clark went solo for the evening’s encore. She started with “Prince Johnny” from the self-titled St. Vincent record. The night ended with Clark’s unaccompanied version of “Slow Disco” from Masseduction.

St. Vincent’s Daddy’s Home European Tour makes its next stop on Saturday at the Roskilde Festival in Roskilde, Denmark. Watch audience-shot video of the “STV Unplugged” show in Bexhill below:

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JOANNEMKELLYS (See 3 videos)
St. Vincent (See 62 videos)

JOANNEMKELLYS (See 3 videos)
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St. Vincent at De La Warr Pavilion

  • Digital Witness
  • Down
  • Daddy’s Home
  • Down and Out Downtown
  • New York
  • ...At the Holiday Party
  • Pay Your Way in Pain
  • Cheerleader
  • Year of the Tiger
  • Los Ageless
  • Fear the Future
  • Masseduction  
  • Live in the Dream
  • The Melting of the Sun
  • Prince Johnny  
  • Slow Disco  
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