Spafford Busts Out ‘Parody’ In Baltimore


Spafford hit The 8×10 in Baltimore on Friday night. For the encore, the four-piece busted out “Parody” from their 2012 self-titled debut for the first time in 75 shows.

Spafford kicked off the first set with “Comfortable” leading into “Simon + Lilly.” The band continued with “Backdoor Funk” and “The Hard Way” before closing out the set with a cover of the Grateful Dead’s “Feel Like A Stranger.”

The second set got underway with “All In” before segueing into “Dirtbath.” “Longview” came next ahead of “Dream Jam” which led into “Salamander Song” to close out the second set. Spafford reemerged for “Parody,” which was last played on November 2, 2018.

Check out video of “Feel Like A Stranger captured by Lyndsay Morgan below:

Listen to the show via the links below:

Setlist via SpaffNerds

Set One: Comfortable > Simon & Lily, Backdoor Funk, The Hard Way, Feel Like A Stranger

Set Two: All In > Dirtbath, Longview, Dream Jam > Salamander Song

Encore: Parody

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