Scott Aukerman Talks ‘Analyze Phish’ & Harris Wittels On ‘Under The Scales’ Podcast

By Scott Bernstein Sep 9, 2019 7:18 am PDT

Comedian Scott Aukerman appeared on the latest episode of Phish lyricist Tom Marshall’s Osiris podcast, Under The Scales. Aukerman chatted with Marshall and co-host RJ Bee about his friendship with the late Harris Wittels and their Analyze Phish podcast, among other topics.

Wittels, a writer/comedian/producer and lpngtime Phish fan whose credits include writing for The Sarah Silverman Program and writing and producing Parks & Recreation, launched Analyze Phish in an attempt to convince Aukerman to enjoy the music of Phish. The podcast was launched in 2011 and ran through a 10th episode that was posted in 2014. Sadly, Wittels died on February 19, 2015 of an overdose. Analyze Phish was part of Aukerman and Jeff Ulrich’s Earwolf podcast network, which is still going strong.

Tom and RJ recently spoke with Scott at Earwolf’s studios in Los Angeles. Marshall revealed Analyze Phish helped spark Tom to launch Under The Scales and eventually Osiris. The trio discussed Aukerman’s career, which started as a writer for Mr. Show and founder of the podcast/television show Comedy Bang! Bang!. Next, Scott talked about his friendship with Harris and the start of Analyze Phish. A few clips from the Phish-related podcast were played and Aukerman shared his take on how Wittels went about introducing him to Phish. Scott went on to ask Tom about the lyrics to the Phish classic “Bouncing Around The Room.”

The fourth episode of Analyze Phish documented Aukerman and Wittels’ experience attending a Phish concert at Madison Square Garden. Scott, RJ and Tom talked about the episode and how it was a turning point of the podcast. Aukerman also recalled his time meeting Phish bassist Mike Gordon at setbreak. Other topics hit upon were how Phish lyrics compare to those of other rock acts, the humor found in Phish’s music, Harris’ death and how Scott got into the podcast world.

Listen to Scott Aukerman’s appearance on Under The Scales below:
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