Science Fiction Edition: Futuropaco, Mythic Sunship, Rivers On Mars & ORB


Futuropaco: Futuropaco

This week we’re getting all outerspacey and shit with a sweet science fiction-themed batch of killer new music. To infinity and beyond! First up is Futuropaco, Oakland’s Justin Pinkerton. Recently signed to the do-no-wrong El Paraiso label, the self-titled debut is an out-of-this-world vision of a crazy funked up future. This is a masterpiece of majestic, cinematic, bone-shaking instrumental music. I can’t recommend this one enough, one of the best where-did-this-come-from!?! discoveries of the year. Seriously, don’t hesitate for one minute, go listen now!

Mythic Sunship: Another Shape of Psychedelic Music

While we’re browsing the El Paraiso catalog (folks, when I said they can do no wrong, I meant it!), we may as well get on board with the Danish cosmonauts Mythic Sunship. I mean, set your controls for the heart of the sun and pop this one on the old hi-fi. Just out last week, this one’s already streaking like a comet across the night sky. This is actually the second psych-rock masterpiece released this year from these guys and you can just feel the creative momentum oozing through your headphones. If you like really sick jams (you do, don’t you??), then you have no choice but to get on the Mythic Sunship. So good.

Rivers On Mars: Deja Voodoo

Before we float too far out of the galaxy and find ourselves in a wormhole, how about a little pit stop on, say Mars? Rivers On Mars is a new project from New York City saxophone player Avram Fefer and is a far-out ode to such intergalactic favorites as Sun Ra and Miles Davis. Their debut album is Deja Voodoo and is some seriously funky, futuristic jazz, complete with laser beams and jumps to hyperspace. This is untethered, free-form with a groovy backbone and is sure to take you to where no man has gone before. Enjoy!


ORB: The Space Between

Nothing screams “science fiction!” quite like a mysterious orb … and nothing screams “listen to this shit really loud!” quite like The Space Between, the just-out release from Australian psychonauts ORB. These guys have been featured here before, last year’s Naturality kind of knocked me off my feet and it’s always nice when a band can grab you and then keep on grabbing you. And damn, did they do it again with this one, just a set-phasers-to-stun stunner of an album, a pure heavy-duty, fuzzed out, facemelter. If you’re a fan of music like Oh Sees, Ty Segall or King Gizzard, these guys will flip your lid as well, I have no doubt. Pew! Pew! Pew!