Ryan Adams Serves As Weatherman For Denver News Program


Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams fulfilled “a lifetime goal” on Wednesday evening, when he served as a weatherman on a newscast. Adams appeared on ABC affiliate Denver7’s 5 p.m. newscast and had fun with his delivery of the weather report. Ryan’s visit comes ahead of his return to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in nearby Morrison tonight.

As reported, Ryan Adams wrote an original song lobbying for the position “Denver7 (Piece Of Heaven)” and promised he’d wear a flannel and a Batman t-shirt. Adams lived up to his part of the deal when it came to wardrobe. He first spoke with the anchors about the song he wrote and revealed, “I was sitting there, three cats, sitting around my house and next thing you know I’m on the news!”

Ryan was soon thereafter accompanied by Denver7 chief meteorologist Mike Nelson in front of the green screen. Adams went on to slowly but surely share details about the weather and cracked a few jokes in his delivery. The singer-songwriter was surprised when lyrics for his own “Dirty Rain” appeared in a slide about the weather for tonight’s concert. Nelson tried to get Ryan to sing the lyrics but Adams was so enthralled with the technology of the green screen he glossed right over the offer.

Here’s a look at Ryan’s appearance on Denver7:

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