Rock Tumbler Edition Pt. 2: Meatbodies, Buried Feather & Banditos

By Andy Kahn Aug 16, 2017 9:58 am PDT

Meatbodies: Alice

Feels like it’s time for another good old fashioned crank-it-up version of the weekly picks, so following up the first edition from a few months ago, it’s another go-around in the rock tumbler. Kicking things off is Meatbodies out of the burgeoning garage-psych scene of Southern California. Led by Chad Ubovich who orbits the same musical universe as Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin, their newest release is their sophomore effort Alice. On paper, it’s a concept album, but whether you choose to follow along or just get your rocks off with Meatbodies and their glam/prog/psych guitar-chug sound is totally up to you.


Buried Feather: Mind Of The Swarm

Some albums seem to grab you before the first note has even left the speakers. Start playing the kick-off track from Buried Feather’s Mind of the Swarm, released this past winter, and you may find the hairs on the back of your neck start prickling before the reverb of that initial chord dies off. With their second album, the Melbourne, Australia-based band has found fuzz-drone perfection. Heavy duty guitars and swirling vocals are built to be played and enjoyed at loud volume, they almost reach out and turn the knob up themselves. Enjoy!


Banditos: Visionland

There’s nothing quite like getting surprisingly bowled over by a band at a music festival. That’s just what happened when I saw Banditos play at Newport Folk in 2016, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting their sophomore release ever since. Well, it’s here and it does not disappoint. Visionland captures that spirit that captured me last year. A soulful, high-energy blues/southern-rock stew, the record kicks off in addictive, let’s-hear-that-song-again fashion and pretty much cruises from there. There are some comforting familiar elements here, but the sound has distinctive flavors from vocalist Mary Beth Richardson’s pitch-perfect vocal and the subtle infusion of banjo into the guitar-jacked rockin’. Highly recommended.


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